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You can have your choice of shape, size, and flexibility to fit perfectly in your lifestyle and uniquely complement your backyard.

From the smallest backyard spa to an Olympic size pool, Hefner Pools can construct a gunite pool to fit your family’s needs. Our pools are built with reinforced steel and a 8" concrete shell to stand the test of time. With customizable features such as water line tile and aggregate finish, your new pool can truly be uniquely yours.

Need a little more to relax?

How about adding a built in spa. With massaging jets, you can have a very relaxing experience in your own backyard. Built-in spas have the capability to be turned on from an app on your phone. This is very convenient when encountering a stressful day at the office, after a long day on the course, or preparing for an at home date night. Not only can you control the spa, you can also control the whole pool from anywhere! Our gunite pools with a spill over spa create a relaxing atmosphere. When accompanied by latest Hayward® pool equipment, this also offers a stress free pool experience.

In our standard Gunite pool package, the customer will receive:

  • Standard Concrete Broom Finish Decking: 4ft along the sides, 8ft at the deep-end, and 12 ft at the shallow end is included
  • Reinforced Concrete Walls: 10 in. thick concrete walls reinforced with rebar
  • Overflow System: This feature prevents overfilling of the pool
  • Filtration System: Hayward ProLogic System, Salt Chlorinator, Cartridge Filters, and a Variable Speed Pump
  • Plumbing System: 2 skimmers, 6 returns, and a Dual Main Drain included
  • Deluxe Cleaning Package: An extended pole, a net, a brush, and test strips
  • Pressure Side Cleaner
  • Initial Water Balance: We start up the first round of chemicals to balance your water
  • Plaster Finish: White Plaster is included. We have multiple options available at different costs
  • Standard Brick Coping: There are several colors to choose from
  • LED Color Changing Light Kit: 1-3 depending on pool size
  • Waterline Tile: 6 in . tile included, many colors and designs available
  • Pool Entries: Shallow end steps and up to 12 ft. of benches

Permits: Columbia/Aiken/Lincoln County Land Disturbance Permit, but it is not included in the package.

Electrical: We will have to connect to an existing electrical panel but, if it is not compatible, additional charges may incur.