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Swimming Pool Maintenance Services

Hefner Pools offers swimming pool maintenance services along with a non-contractual, weekly pool cleaning service in Martinez, GA, as well as Augusta and nearby areas. We understand that owning and maintaining a swimming pool takes work. Hefner Pools knows this because we have made a business of assisting pool owners with their perspective weekly swimming pool maintenance. The team also knows that many pool owners can maintain the day-to-day upkeep responsibilities. However, sometimes they just need a helping hand with their swimming pool maintenance, which is where Hefner Pools can help.

Pool Service

Our pool maintenance services include:

  • Blowing Off Debris from the Deck Area
  • Emptying Both Skimmer and Pump Baskets
  • Skimming Debris from the Pool Surface
  • Vacuuming Pool Walls & Floor
  • Brushing Pool Walls & Floor
  • Checking Pool Water Chemistry
  • Balancing the Water
  • Assistance in the Maintenance of Pool Equipment

We can backwash and rinse sand filters weekly, backwash and recharge D.E. filters weekly, and clean cartridge filters and salt cells every three months. Our technicians also keep an eye out for any potential problems so that you are not blindsided when equipment pieces start failing. We want every pool owner to view their backyard as the resort-style escape it was intended to be.

Don't let the fear of pool maintenance keep you from making your pool dreams a reality. If you would like to find out more information or to get started on a maintenance plan today, please call us at (706) 855-9900.